B & H Plumbing and Heating is one of the largest suppliers of building, heating, plumbing and home improvement materials to the professional and retail markets in US.
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B&H Plumbing and Heating
B & H Plumbing and Heating, heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles. B & H Plumbing and Heating has 67 branches throughout US and offers customers an enviable range of quality products for any private or commercial build project.
01. Plumbing
We offer scheduled or as-needed annual plumbing and heating maintenance for seasonal hose bib shut-off, annual boiler maintenance, and other services required to keep your plumbing and heating equipment ...
02. Drain Cleaning
Many manufacturers will say their product is safe for your pipes, but if you read the list of ingredients, you will doubt their claim. There is no reason to buy them when you can simply and inexpensively make....
03. AC Systems
B & H Plumbing and Heating expert Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Service throughout US. Whether it's a new central air conditioning system to cool your home, or central AC repair ...
04. New construction
We believe that B & H Plumbing and Heating success is mainly of the philosophical beliefs - "creative intelligence", "positive thinking" and "unshakeable motivation" - is due. These values apply to all our ...